Wednesday, April 25, 2012

city farming

Hello friends!

Working full-time has a way of really rearranging priorities in life ... and when that full-time work is farming the priorities lean more towards showering and sleeping (and of course spending every minute at home with that handsome man of mine!).  The good news for you, though, is that I now have a more portable camera with which to bits of my world with you.  Let's start in Chicago ...

This is the Iron Street Farm, located on an abandoned industrial site.  In the back you can see one of our 6 hoop houses which are mostly growing greens and seedlings right now.  It's hard to make out, but on the right of the picture there is also a big brown pile - that's compost!  ... and actually the pile is much bigger now (some people use machines to build big piles.  not here.  lots of wheelbarrows and pitchforks!).

This is Feona, or FeFe (Iron street cat ...).  I don't really love cats but she has decided that she should follow me around for parts of the day.  On this day it was problematic since she kept walking on the bed I was working on.  Up until this Sunday, the only animals on the farm were Feona, Jimmy Cat, and a parrot named Thunder.  But!!!  After a workshop weekend up at our headquarters in Milwaukee we brought back fish for our aquaponics system!!!!!!!  This is so exciting.  I even dreamed about taking care of these fish.

Here are the fish being gently introduced to their new home.  I promise more pictures of the actual system in the future.  These little guys are perch and we have about 15 of them in the tank right now.  We've had the system built and running for them for a long time now just waiting for their arrival and now they're here!!   And now we have to try not to kill them ... Speaking of which, I'm responsible for them this morning so I'd better go get ready.  Happy Wednesday!

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