Thursday, March 29, 2012


For the past few days I've been out in Grant Park planting our 'Art on the Farm' installation.  At the moment, we've got chard, lettuce, runaway fennel, some beets and carrots, runaway mint and catnip and plenty of weeds.  The work is part planting, part attacking aforementioned weeds.

Working outside will quickly open your eyes to the subtleties of weather... Friday it poured off and on ... another day is was sunny but the wind was so cold so I think I got sun and wind burn ... yesterday it was hotter than I anticipated ... today looks sunny but who knows what it will hold.  I did enough bending yesterday to get a sunburn on my lower back.  Yeah.  What?!  Apparently my long undershirt didn't do it's job.

One perk of working out at Grant Park is that we're right in the middle of the Loop, which means some friends can come visit me!  The benefit of this to you is that my friends can carry cameras (in the form of iPhones).  And so I bring you actual proof that I do something like farming via Instagram.

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