Wednesday, August 31, 2011

to market, to market

 So, not a great picture ... but the man on the right is the Mayor of Maywood!

The Maywood Multicultural Farmers Market.  It's where I spend my Saturdays this season.  I'm there to support local farmers (and buy peaches as often as possible, yum!).  I'm there to help provide fresh and, often, organic produce in a food desert.  I'm there to teach whoever is interested about food, farms, and nutrition ... to the small extent of my ability.  I'm there to have conversations both with fellow workers and fellow community members.

Some days it's quite slow.  Still, it's a morning spent outdoors (most of the time on beautiful, sunny days) around yummy produce.  I may or may not be slightly in love with fruits and vegetables at the peak of their season.  Maybe more than slightly.

Come by and visit, if you'd like!  We may have few vendors, but we always have great food.

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