Wednesday, October 12, 2011

in the back seat

I am, in fact, a fruit courier.  Part of being the manager of a very tiny sometimes-we-have-no-farmer farmers market is that I must purchase and transport produce every week.  Almost every Friday since the beginning of the season and every Saturday, my back seat is stuffed with rather large amounts of farm produce.


People carry many stranger things in their cars, I'm sure, but it does feel a little odd to look back and see 10 pumpkins just sitting there happily.  I'm glad for it though, and it makes a truly lovely display when it all gets out on the table.  Fruits and vegetables are just so beautiful!  No matter what I order for a market, I always seem to have complementing colors.

In other totally unrelated news - I now have a Chicago Public Library card!  So excited.  Apparently they're on to me though, because I'm limited to 5 items at a time for the first month.  Hmmm.

1 comment:

  1. My backseat has helium tanks in it right now, leftover from a church thing. I like having a job that results in interesting things in my car.