Wednesday, October 5, 2011

moving days

I hope the near silence is understandable.

Our house is nice but not home yet, so I'm spending most of my time there moving things around and such ... not taking many pictures or creating anything yet.  I'm moving towards being settled.

My internet time involves a local cafe or library for another week.  Time for getting work done.  By the time the work is done, I'm tired of sitting.  When I sit for too long in one place I start feeling groggy.  Does this happen to anyone else?

Additionally, our branch of the library is very clean and new and has very few books.  I must admit that this is rather disappointing.  I will be ordering often from other libraries or finding myself another easy to access branch that has more on-shelf selection.  But hey, they have free internet and at least a few books that I love, so that's good.

And so far, I love living in a city again.

Adjusting to a new life.

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