Monday, October 31, 2011


It was a full and wonderful weekend!

:: We enjoyed the last of the fresh summer tomatoes.

:: Spent a day working out on the farm.  The sky, the sun, the trees, the fields - it was all just perfect.

:: Ate lots of delicious food in celebration of my good friend's marriage.  I love that chocolate and celebrations generally go together.  Yum.

:: Watched this adorable baby (and another not pictured) running around all weekend.  So cute and such a handful!  Way to go, moms, you're rock stars.

:: Loved and celebrated this friend as she became a wife.

:: Talked with old friends not seen in a while and made some new ones.

:: Started some more Christmas knitting.  I'm making progress!  And I chose thick yarns to speed the process along.

:: Looking at the state of our house after this weekend and building motivation for some serious cleaning.

:: So thankful for the fullness, joy and beauty in this life.

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  1. Thanks for posting those pictures! You are too good.