Monday, October 10, 2011

out my window(s)

OK.  Back to blogging as usual.  I'm committing to taking myself to an internet realm every day until we finally get it at home a little later this week.  As we settle into our space a little more each day, this is what I am loving...


It's kind of like we're living in a tree house!  All of our east windows, which are in the living room (big bay window!!) and our bedroom look out at this gorgeous tree.  The sun comes streaming in every morning but it feels as though it's extra close right now with this bright yellow tree illuminating the room.  To the north, there is an ivy covered wall, which is home to many, many! little birds.  They chat it up at sunrise and sunset and let me think I might be in some kind of forest for a few minutes.  Next to the ivy building is an open lot with two more trees.  Although little sun comes in the windows on this side, the cool green and the rustling leaves are welcome.  Somehow we moved into the city and ended up with a significantly quieter and more beautiful, green environment.  Thank you, God for this great and simple blessing!

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