Monday, November 28, 2011


Here at this house our day of Thanksgiving was lovely and busy.  Grady's family joined us for our feast (sans turkey!) and we enjoyed hours of food, games and one anothers' company. 

In all the fullness of the day, however, I don't feel as though I got a chance to really stop and say 'thank you.'  So I will do so now {not to worry, I won't make this list exhaustive!}.  Just in these past few months I have been thankful for ...

... this little plot of veggies and flowers.  For what I have learned and for what I have eaten.

... warm gatherings of friends.  For stories shared and love given.

... this beautiful, joyful friend.   For this smile and the encouraging heart it reveals.

... autumn days, warm and sunny for apple picking!  For time under a blue sky.  For apple butter.

... a first time for everything! For the thrill of it all and also for apple butter.

... this {married!} friend.  For her steadfastness and love.

... a pile of cozy yarn for the coming cold.  For the family who will receive it.

... this oh so delicious pumpkin bread.

... the last day on the farm - planting garlic.  For learning to work the land.  For the clean air to breathe.  For the friends and the food.  For the inspiration.

... dirt beneath my fingernails. 

... this man and our marriage.  For making me more of who I am meant to be and loving me through it all.  For Christ-like, selflessness.  For two years celebrated and many more anticipated.

In all of these things and so many more I am thankful to my great God.  For the beauty that He put in this earth.  For the beauty that He IS.  For Love - what height, what depth, what fullness.

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  1. And I am thankful for my dear friend Courtney, for her genuine sincerity in loving God and being grateful for his rich blessings! (and reminding me to do so as well!