Monday, November 14, 2011

weekend with friends

What a beautiful weekend we had!  The weather was not only unseasonably warm (close to 70 yesterday!) but we were able to share the time with some wonderful friends.  We have been blessed with truly great friends who love us very much and whom we also love.  Busy lives and far distances keep us often apart but then there are times when we can finally be in the same place at the same time.  There are few things better.  We spent our time talking until late in the night, then sleeping warm and cozy in our guest bed.  The lazy morning brought pancakes, then a stroll around town and some Christmas shopping.


Small-town diner food is such a great category of gastronomy.  I'm not saying the food is great, per se, but that I love diners.  I especially love diners when you get to eat there with your friends.  It's the perfect place to get {usually} decent food, a comfy booth, and a quiet enough atmosphere to enjoy conversation at your table.  You can also drink as much weak coffee as you want at any time of the day :-)

 Sunday brought ... another diner, among other things ...

We had the joy of seeing our lovely friend perform the lead role in the operetta, The Merry Widow.  Her voice is beautiful, as is the rest of her person, and we enjoyed the listening.  To finally see her in her element, so to speak, was a revelation of a part of her I knew about but never witnessed until last evening.  I got to know a good friend better and there is always joy in that.  Of course we also enjoyed the diner food we shared post-performance. 

These friends of ours bring life to our life and encourage us to press on (onward and upward).  I love them deeply and I know and experience their love for us as well.  How good love is between friends!

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