Wednesday, November 30, 2011

a little project

I mentioned yesterday that we got a desk thrown in with our beautiful couch.  This desk allowed us to finally make better use of the space below our front windows in the living room.  This lovely spot has the most natural light in the apartment and so it is the place I wish to be most often; now it's a place I can be in more easily because I have an organized place to work!  oh the possibilities ...

Starting with some brain food ...

Hmmm, not quite enough and a girl can't work on an empty stomach!

The project of the day was a small one but it's been so long since I've started anything but knitting that I was overjoyed to simply think about squeezing and mixing paint.

While I was organizing my space, I found this letter that my mother-in-law got for us a while back.  This is just the thing that we could use to mark our front door!  We've had a number of guests confused as to which door is ours (there are 3 in our hallway only one of which actually opens) and this seemed just the thing.

Whenever I'm at a loss as how to color blank space, I turn to my favorite paintings and go from there.  In grade school one year we did a project where we chose a shoe and did multiple sketches in many mediums of the same shoe from varying angles.  Our last step was to harden the shoe (I don't remember how) and paint an Impressionist painting onto it - different parts of the piece on different sections of the shoe.  This little project has been my inspiration for many things ... including this letter.

Welcome to our home!

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  1. Awesome job! I'd love to get some painting (and knitting!) lessons from you! :)