Tuesday, November 1, 2011

farm days

I've posted before about my little time working on an organic farm (here) but I feel the need to post once again.  Montalbano Farms finished their last CSA deliviery 2 weeks ago but they allow members to miss up to 2 weeks during the summer and make it up at the end of the season, so we've been harvesting and packing shares (although many fewer than regular season) until last week.  The weather has been surprisingly good and there has been plenty of cool weather crops to fill the boxes.  This time of year is just so beautiful that I just had to take more pictures.  The green, red, orange, yellow and blue all mixing in nature is truly breathtaking.

Crates and crates of fresh-picked lettuce ...

Herbs under the autumn sky ...


It's amazing how God works all of these complementary colors into His creation - just look at these gorgeous peppers!

Kale still standing tall ...

One of my favorite things on the farm these days (and while we're at it, my least favorite thing is cleaning scallions) is picking chard.  These massive leaves are so gorgeous I feel like I would love to eat them, although eating chard is not actually quite as fun as looking at it, in my opinion.  I have no idea about the history of this plant, but I like to imagine that this is what dinosaurs must have eaten.  One leaf is sometimes twice the size of my head and they look like something from another time.  You don't find these kind of colors in nature often outside of the rain forest.

(hmmn.  upside down?)

Work will continue on the farm until Thanksgiving.  We'll see how many more days I'll go out - I don't have warm enough clothes to handle much cold outdoor work.

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