Friday, January 13, 2012

hello, snow

Finally some real snow!  This is my 7th winter (I think) in the great Midwest and the total lack of snow and even lack of extreme cold this year has been rather confusing to me.  This snowfall came almost as a relief!

It also makes me glad that neither I nor my husband will be driving in this snow.  Grady probably isn't as happy about that because he loves to intentionally make the car slide - I don't love this and don't love driving in the snow at all.  It's not that I don't know how.  My first snow driving lesson was with Grady in a parking lot where I would drive forward, start to take a turn, and he would pull the emergency brake to make me slide and I'd have to recover from it.  It would have been fun except that it just makes me nervous.

But, here in the city I can just walk on the snow or take a bus or train!  The rest of the time, I will admire the whitewashed world while it lasts.  The beauty of it could have only been enhanced if the snow had come at a better time and forced Grady to work from home.  Sigh.  One can always hope for a grown-up "snow day"!

And ... completely unrelated to snow ... rendered duck fat!  So easy to make.  I just cut the fat and most of the skin off the carcass, cut it into small strips or pieces and put it in a dish in the oven, set at 225, for a few hours.  Now I have beautiful, clean fat for making delicious potatoes, among other things!  Thank you, duck.

I think today might call for some knitting ... knitting while curled up warm, gazing at the world out my window.

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