Friday, January 6, 2012

a moment to savor


Last night we enjoyed a 'date night' that consisted of take-out Thai/sushi, a glass of wine, and some piano and guitar playing.  We stayed up later than we should have listening, playing and singing together {Red Hot Chili Peppers on this occasion with a little Regina Spektor ... don't ask our selections to make sense}.  These are nights that I love.  And while I didn't marry this man for his musical talent, it has brought joy and peace to my life throughout our relationship.

Music has been a constant in my life since - well, probably since I was in the womb.  As a child I would often sit next to our living room speakers {especially during the Children's Classic Music hour on Saturdays!} and imagine stories and images from what I was hearing - traveling deep into a world of sound and color. 

My dad loves "classical" music and when we were older would attempt to make us name composers of pieces we were listening to - I was only ever right if it was Aaron Copeland or I simply guessed well.  While listening at home together, he would sometimes act as a passionate conductor for the parts of the music he loved.  I'm sure we thought it was funny but now it's all I can do to stop myself from doing the same to a piece I love.

I want to participate in the music.  I took piano lessons through my childhood; I sang in choir at school (we all did, it was a small school where everyone participated in everything); I acted in musicals (see previous note).  But in the greater scheme of things, I'm not exactly talented in these areas - competent though.

Then I met this man.

He loves music too.

While it seems that every girl would love a guy who can play guitar and sing, my Grady didn't wear his talent on his sleeve.  In quiet, peaceful times he would simply play.  Over our long-distance engagement, music was the best means of comfort and on more than one occasion I fell asleep in front of my computer listening to him sing - maybe hymns or a beautiful love song.

Now when we have a quiet evening together I may rest {and imagine} while he plays Debussy on our piano or I will sing to a song we both love.  My singing isn't always beautiful but, for me, the moment always is.

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