Monday, January 30, 2012

winter doldrums

  I added this picture to make me happier - taken last spring

I'm admitting it.  The past week or so I have hardly picked up my camera.  The weather outside seems to have gotten to my inside with a resulting 'blah' - uninspired.  With our serious lack of snow this winter, I found myself missing its magic.  Missing the feeling of staying safe and warm inside with plenty of beautiful projects to keep me occupied while the snow glints happily outside.  It's felt more like the whole world has been bathed in ice salt - gray and dirty.  Add to that a few crazy days of high temperatures and thoughts of 'spring around the corner' are coming earlier than they should to tantalize and tease for what looks to be still months of winter.

This morning, Sophie, over at The Joy of Farming, reminded me {challenged would probably be a better word} that there is still beauty to be found.  My eyes haven't been open to it, which of course is a bit ironic since this blog is meant to celebrate beauty.  Perhaps it's that I'm having trouble seeing beauty in my visual world, but I know I have found it in other places.  I wish there were a better way to share those things over a blog, but a little list will have to do.

~ singing.  I'm not a wonderful singer, but I still love to sing.  Friday was a joyful day for me because I spent most of the day knitting while singing along to some of my favorite music {in this case that happened to be the soundtracks to Once and Wicked ... I'm always curious - what does this make you think of me?}

~ books.  especially books about farming.  specifically urban farming.  OK.  specifically this book: The Essential Urban Farmer by Novella Carpenter and Willow Rosenthal.  I read Novella's book Farm City last winter and her story was one of the many inspiring farmer stories that has pushed me into pursuing this crazy farming dream.  She joined with a fellow, female urban farmer to write this book.  It is excellent and full of great ideas that are specific to farming in an urban environment - stuff I haven't seen anywhere else.  Love.  Of course this adds to the "is it spring yet?" fever, but I've always been good with my imagination so let the fever burn.  And a complete side note: Alice Waters also write a recommendation for this book, featured on the back cover - either Alice puts her name on pretty much everything, or she and I have very similar taste in good books ...

~ music.  Listen to this.  Brad and Abby Hopkins are family friends of ours {Brad married Grady and I} and this is a selection of songs that he and his oldest daughter performed together at a small concert.  First, I love to see a dad and daughter playing and singing together.  It's something that I hope will happen in our family someday too!  Second, the choice of songs is exactly what I needed today to make me see the brighter side of things.  If you need a little pick-me-up today, I think this is just what you're looking for.

What's helping you look on the bright side today?

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  1. Well, reading my friend's blog for starters! Also, choosing to release morning doldrums and accept the day God has given me has helped. And, there isn't snow today, but I feel pretty great about 51 degrees and sunny!