Tuesday, January 3, 2012

little gifts

So much knitting was done over the last month, even down to Christmas morning!  Yet that's not what I'll share today - knitting post forthcoming.  For a few more simple gifts this season, I headed to the kitchen where I made cookies for Grady's coworkers and in addition ...

Homemade Vanilla

It's really quite easy, so long as you're over 21.  I used a ratio of 3 vanilla beans to 1 cup of vodka.  Split the beans down the middle (I also cut mine to get them to fit) and put them in a jar with vodka.  Store in a dark place and shake every so often.  In a few weeks you get homemade vanilla!  Apparently when you start running out of vanilla, you can just add more vodka, as long as you keep the beans in the jar of course.

This gift hasn't actually been given yet, but I plan to put it in a pretty jar before giving.  The pictures were taken the day I made it - it's now much darker and almost at the point of being ready.  Next year, I'll start it before December!

Home-canned Pears

Not much to this one {aside from the fact that I canned my own pears!!!! hehe}.  Just come dressed up jars that we gave along with some delicious, hard goat cheese to family who graciously hosted us in their home for a few days.


Ooh!  One last one that I'll add although we didn't exactly wrap it up and present it ...
Homemade Eggnog

Yes!  It was so delicious and totally worth it.  No additives or emulsifying agents or high fructose corn syrup in this glass!  Just fresh eggs, milk, and a whole lot of whipped heavy cream {plus just a bit of dark rum - enough for flavoring - seriously}.

This is the only picture I have and it doesn't do it justice.  Believe me that it was thick, creamy and delicious.  We used the Cook's Illustrated Best Holiday Eggnog recipe that we got from their Best Holiday Recipes book/magazine.  Highly recommended!

Mmmm yes.  Holidays were meant to be delicious!

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