Friday, March 2, 2012

new york nostalgia

This morning I bought myself a little treat while out grocery shopping - a crisp-crusted, flaky, buttery and completely delicious croissant.  As I walked down the Chicago sidewalk lugging my groceries and happily chomping away at my pastry, I found myself returning to memories of New York Sunday mornings.

(photo from a phone)

On Sundays, my father, being the early riser that he is, would venture out into the sleepy streets to bring us back a bag full of fresh bagels to enjoy (toasted with cream cheese of course!) and always there was a smaller bag, too, with at least one croissant {for me} and perhaps a muffin or piece of New York Coffeecake.  What a delight it was to wake up to a clean morning, pour a steaming cup of coffee and sit at our little table overlooking the skyline, enjoying every bite of my flaky croissant.


My breakfast this morning reminded me of the energy and the peace of those days.  There is a beautiful world waiting and teaming below and I will come to it when I have finished my deep breaths and contemplative bites.  Those streets, that view - I miss it.  Of course I love the life that I have now and I do not wish to reverse the clock, but Chicago simply doesn't happen the way that New York does.   The energy of the place is not the same.  So I will savor my little treat and my little memories with a smile and a sigh.  New York, I love you still.

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