Wednesday, September 28, 2011

good-bye home

Last night we picked up the keys to our new apartment.  Even as I think of it, I feel excited but also nervous.  On Friday, I'm leaving a place that I have called home and I will need to put in time and energy before our new place can truly feel like home again.  That in between world of readjusting to a new way of life will hold many adventures I'm sure ... but I hope 'home' happens quickly.  Grady (and more importantly, God) will be with me through all this transition, so I am not afraid.

Good-bye house.  Good-bye mouse.  Good-bye creaky floors.  Good-bye sticky doors.  Good-bye angry drivers and good-bye cops.  Good-bye to the old radiators clanging non-stop. (except when we actually need the heat to be on, then they are strangely silent)

Aside from the quirks of this apartment that I don't like, I will miss these west-facing windows, which are great for afternoon sun naps and growing plants ... and I will miss being next door to the library.  Our new apartment is a number of blocks from the closest library so either I'm going to get significantly more exercise or be reading significantly less - hopefully the former! 

Our building is on the left, the library is on the right.  Perfect.

Oh Brown Cow.  How we will miss you.  Your ice cream sundaes are delicious and your decor just right for a little date night.  Thank you for making mini and kiddie sizes that are just perfect in every way.  Although we may not see you as often, we may have to make a special trip or two to relish in your goodness once again.


We've already spotted a number of cafes and restaurants near our new place (and one just across the street!) that we are excited to try.  There is a park just up the street with a community garden underway.  We will have a back deck, high ceilings, a pantry, and control of our own heat plus laundry is 1 quarter less per load.  To these things and many more, we are looking forward!

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