Thursday, September 8, 2011

Prairie Path Garden plot #204

{the beginning}

We have been with this little plot since it's beginning, or really, before it's beginning.  When it was only an idea floating around a table, being called 'Urban Garden Connection,' I was there dreaming of how I could convince my way in - to get my hands in some dirt.  After much "I could help you!" and "You wouldn't even have to pay me!" I was hired as the farmers market manager, which runs on the same small grant as the garden.  Plot 204 was within my reach.  Grady and I were among the brave few who came out on a very cold spring morning for garden build day.  We laid the plots, filled them with earth, and I picked out what I believed to be the best one.

We took this space on as a way to get more involved in our community and to help encourage our church toward more healthy eating.  I was also hoping to teach the children more about where food comes from and how good it can taste (when it's so fresh!).  Of course, I did also spend the better part of the winter reading just about every book in my library on growing things - from encyclopedias to farmer memoirs.  All of my mid-winter dreaming got put on to paper plans and those plans became seeds and starts in the ground. 

Planting a garden is thrilling.  Really.  You put these tiny seeds and tiny plants in the dirt, sprinkle some water on them, and then you stand back and wait.  Such potential!  Will they make it?  What about weeds?  Disease?  Bugs?!  You just can't know, but you can hope!

Of course, spring has come and gone and something has been happening in my dirt ...

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