Wednesday, December 14, 2011

a day at home

We've been getting the sniffles around here as of late.  Earlier this week, Grady came down with a full-on cold and so he worked from home for a day.  Work-from-home days are much different than weekend-together days because the former requires that Grady focus on something other than me and our plans for the day while the latter we often spend accomplishing a task list.

Having Grady home for the day rather throws off my normal schedule (hah!  sometimes I have one of those ...) but it is a welcome interruption.  Somehow when he is in the house working I am much more motivated to be "working" beside him.

Of course my work currently entails Christmas knitting and sometimes making dinner {OK, usually making dinner!}.  Even if my loved one is sick, I still love these days side-by-side.  His presence reminds me of the peace and joy that he brings to my life and I can move through my day with more presence.  I am so thankful for this.  Can you tell that I love this man?  Well, I do!

Hoping that you and yours are enjoying some quality time together these days too.

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