Tuesday, December 6, 2011

lighting the candles

Before this season of cold and darkness came, I was mentally preparing for it.  I am a sun-lover and a warmth lover and facing the cold is simply not my favorite thing to do.  So, I told myself that I would light more candles.  We have plenty of them around here but I always hesitate to light them because they eventually will burn out and then I'd have to buy new ones.  Silly me, the purpose of candles is to burn and give light - not to simply sit and look pretty.

These evenings (which come so soon after mornings it seems!) I light a few little tea lights on the coffee table when we light up the Christmas tree.  The warm glow of the little lights in this darkness is only enough to sit cozily on the couch by, but sometimes that is enough.

For my spirit, it is enough.

The decorations for Christmas are continuing to make their way back into our home.  These little Norwegian/Scandinavian spites are among my favorite.  They remind me that somehow my ancestors not only survived in that dark, cold place but they had celebrations and created happy little skiers like this one!

The light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it.

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  1. I love lighting candles in our apartment too! We have a TON of them leftover from the wedding, would you like a box?? ;)