Monday, December 5, 2011

The Weekend

A little bit of this and a little bit of that...

 :: casting on for the first of my last two knitted gifts - hoping time is on my side as I am mostly making up the pattern!

:: setting up {another} bookcase.  I don't know why I have no 'after' pictures, but it's a lovely shelf that we're thankful for.

:: Grady getting in the pool.  We celebrated his middle school swim coach this weekend with a not-so-competitive swim meet.

And we got a Christmas tree!  This is the first year that we've gotten one.  Year one we had just gotten married and didn't even think of it really.  Year two we thought it wasn't worth it because we wouldn't be home for Christmas.  Year three we finally got one!  We may only have about 5 ornaments because many of mine are still with my parents (I think) but I think it looks lovely anyway.

Most importantly, the tree is real and the scent of fresh pine pervades our home.  Mmmm, yes!  This is the main reason for me wanting a tree.  It's amazing to me how just the scent changes something in my heart - it tells me more surely than anything that the beloved Christmas time is here and coming.  We will still be going back to my parents' for Christmas this year, but having our own tree {and a fireplace for potential stockings!!!} brings our home into the spirit and the season.

I'm suddenly feeling as though I should be baking many cookies and listening to carols and hosting some kind of Christmas gathering and all the many wonderful things that I did with my family growing up.  I'm sure we will still do some of those things in our own Christmases too but for now, we simply light up the tree and drink our first glass of egg nog.

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  1. We did a real tree this year too! I can't remember how long it has been since we have done that, but I am thoroughly enjoying the fresh pine scent that is lingering throughout my house :) And I do agree with you, I feel as I should be baking or doing some other celebration activity now that the house is decorated LOL.