Wednesday, February 8, 2012

beauty in the mundane

Bringing Order From Chaos: Laundry Day

There are some days when pretty much all I do is laundry.  After reading Home Comforts, I've been inspired to do the laundry well in order to help our clothes last longer - this includes more sorting and hand washing than I'd been doing previously.  The result is that we have wonderfully clean, well folded and ironed clothes but the total process seems to take me all day and somewhere in the middle of it, I look around my house and just see laundry everywhere (yesterday I even had a tie hanging above the kitchen sink).

This is the moment I challenged myself to find something beautiful in it, so I picked up my camera.  Of course, to me, the most wonderful part of laundry day is slipping between freshly cleaned sheets at the end of it but the satisfaction in seeing a of a row of well-pressed, ready-for-business shirts is a close second.

Everyday may not be brimming with excitement, but everyday can be beautiful.

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  1. I see beauty in my woman sacrificing to take her whole day to make our clothes and linens beautiful... does that count?