Monday, February 6, 2012


:: A little work.
:: A little rest.
:: A little play.

Although the kitchen isn't quite done yet (and I will give you pictures once it is), we've started working on our bathroom ... our very narrow bathroom.  Anyone with suggestions for a color?

This lovely man of mine spent part of his afternoon writing me a love song.  It was beautiful and I cried.  What a man.

We watched The Game.  Almost as importantly, we ate burgers that we grilled ... we've had a grill since we've been married but weren't able to use it at our old apartment - finally fired it up last night!  Unfortunately, we cannot say the same about the Patriots.  Oh, you thought I was from New York?  Well, I am.  Just not a Giants (or Jets for that matter) fan.

The story is like this: I grew up in the suburbs in Massachusetts, a Yankee-loving traitor (we're talking baseball here, folks).  It was the only sport we watched in my house, so that was the only team loyalty that I had.  For those of you who may not know, the Yankees' arch enemy is the Red Sox ... from Boston ... you can imagine how our loyalties went over with our friends and neighbors, causing us to hold them more firmly so as to withstand the inevitable attacks (good thing this was the 1996 Yankees who did quite a lot of winning - I may or may not have had batting orders, ERA's, batting averages and the current AL East standings memorized).  All of this to say, I was very busy defending my one sport, one team loyalty.

This changed in middle school when my best friend and her family were also a one sport, one team-loyalty family.  Their team - you guessed it - the New England Patriots.  And so, having no reason not to root for the home team, I became a Patriots fan - never in the way that I was a Yankees fan, but a fan none-the-less.  From this family I learned the rules of the sport and how to cheer your football team on.  With them I watched, amazed as our team soared to Superbowl victory on that near-impossible field goal by Adam Vinatieri.  Ever since, I have had a special love for American football and that great team, the New England Patriots.

{Full disclosure: I don't follow sports anymore and only watch games if they happen to be on, or happen to be the Superbowl.  But when I do watch the games, I know who I want to win.  I realize this doesn't make me a very good fan, but I don't think my body can handle the adrenaline rushes of that many games anymore.  By the 3rd quarter last night I was jumping off the couch yelling at the screen and pacing the living room.  This is the kind of sports spectator I am - I can't really help it.  So to save myself from the inevitable emotional highs and lows, I simply don't watch very often.}

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