Thursday, February 16, 2012


Remember how I was planning on baking bread yesterday?  Yes, well, I would have to say that was the worst experience I have yet had.  Ah, aside from the time I exploded the glass pan {ahem} don't preheat a glass dish in a 500 degree oven and then pour cold water in it to make steam.  At least this time my failure was funny instead of scary.

I'm sorry - what?!?!?  I thought it seemed like a lot of dough for the pan, but I followed the recipe!  I figured maybe it just wouldn't rise very much.  Hmm ....

Grady's words were, "It looks like a pile of dog poo."  Yes.  Well, it does.  And then the loaf that I continued to bake for the directed amount of time came out looking like this:

Entirely inedible.  Not entirely, actually, the bright side is that we're going to grind it up to make whole wheat bread crumbs.  Silver lining, right?  {For anyone with Nourishing Traditions, this is the Herb Yogurt Bread recipe - have you had success with it?}

On a much better note, Grady bought me these lovely flowers for Valentine's Day and we have put them on the wall right next to my side of the bed.  Now, I am greeted to a new day by my love and by his beautiful gift to me.

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  1. Oh no!

    Blade has destroyed a Pyrex pan doing the same thing -- pouring water in to make the bread crust. We've learned to use metal, now.

    I'm sorry your bread didn't turn out, but breadcrumbs are nothing to sneeze at.