Monday, February 27, 2012


A whole week gone by without a post!  I can't even quite say that it was a busy week, although there were busy days to be sure.  It seems that I have been in a period of waiting.  Waiting for buds; waiting for responses; waiting for warmer days; waiting for longer light hours; waiting to take a next step; waiting until the time is right.

This past week, some of that waiting transitioned into preparing.  I've been accepted to an internship position with an urban farming organization called Growing Power.  This is an amazing opportunity for me to get the hand on experience that I've been craving and I am so excited about all the things I expect to learn in the next few months!  With that said, I don't know what it will mean for this space.  The position requires about 60 hours per week of work (farm work!) - which I can only imagine leaves me exhausted.  As we move through the changes it should become more clear what will or won't be possible, so we'll just have to wait and see.

For now, I'm simply crossing my fingers and hoping that I will be taught how to keep bees - they have 6 hives on the roof of the farm I'll be spending most of my time at!  I may learn to build a greenhouse ... an indoor aquaponics system ... grow mushrooms ... sigh.

I've seen quite a few college friends over the past few days as well and they also are looking forward to new beginnings.  Grad school applications have returned as acceptance letters and as those decisions are made, we each take one more step on our respective journeys.  Of course I wish that we could all go together and I wish I could see further down the road - what glory are you heading towards?  what pain that you need a friend there for?

In times like these I find myself drawn back into the songs of the last show we performed ("we" meaning my graduating class), Merrily We Roll Along.  It follows three friends through their adult journeys but starting from the rather tragic end and ending at the beautiful, hopeful start - exploring 'how did we get where we are?'  It's by taking one step, making one choice, taking one opportunity at a time.  Right now, it is our time.

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